Brand Story

Our Identity

All of TAFOMI's products are planned and made based on the above four principles.

skin irritation

It minimizes skin irritation
so even sensitive skin can use
it with confidence.


A variety of problems occur
when there is insufficient
moisture. The entire line is
designed based on moisture.


If there is a problem with
the skin barrier, it threatens
skin health. Tafomi combines
ingredients to protect
the skin barrier.


It minimizes the stickiness
of the product and makes
it a formulation that can be absorbed well into the skin.

Our Promise


Our Task is your Skin.
We make formula and method for the skin.

We contain the formula of the skin and our sincerity toward research.
In Tafomi's own way, it provides comfort
and phenomenal change to your skin.
In principle, we apply Tafomi's strict ingredient combination
to each product.


Own the day, Own your life.
We are just supporting your skin.

Own a day, own your life.
Based on the best raw materials and delicacy,
we will make the beginning and end of
the day more shiny and beautiful.


We spend the time for your better skin.

We are working on your better skin.
In front of a mirror that reflects the essence,
I will solve my own skin problems through
communication with myself.

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